1. Are travel and accommodations costs covered for on-site courses?

    No, the cost of the onsite courses only covers the curriculum, instructor(s) fee, and exclusive course material.
  2. For on-site classes, will food or beverages be provided?

    Yes, we will provide light snacks and beverages throughout the course. You're also welcome to bring any snacks or beverages with you. Please note, there will be no fridge or microwave on-site. Otherwise, you can stop by any local eateries around the area during your break.
  3. Is there a cancellation fee if I can no longer attend the course?

    Due to the high demand to attend MDX Training Programs, there is a strict cancellation policy if you choose to cancel your spot.

    If you provide a 25 day written notice, you will receive 50% of your payment. However, if you provide a written notice less than 25 days, you will forfeit the full amount of your payment.
  4. What are the payment terms for each course and is there financial assistance for MDX Training Programs courses?

    MDX Academy does not offer financial aid or loan programs for the MDX Training.
  5. Can I apply for MDX Training Programs if I’m not a licensed manual therapist?

    MDX-RESET is an open enrolment program, and the movement techniques can be applied to any discipline.
  6. Are there prerequisites for MDX Training Programs?

    No, there is no prerequisite required for each course as they cover independent topics.

  7. Will I receive an agenda and full details before the course start day?

Absolutely. Before your course, you'll receive an email confirming all important details including where to park, what to bring, and day-by-day breakdowns.